NoSQL cloud database – competitive feature evaluation

You have a variety of NoSQL databases to choose from – and understanding the differences between them is critical when you’re planning to deploy a NoSQL database in the cloud. Use the chart below to compare today’s top NoSQL databases in the cloud. You’ll find out how Couchbase’s award-winning Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS), Couchbase Capella™, stacks up against MongoDB™ Atlas and DynamoDB – the other well-known DBaaS document store offerings. You’ll see why there’s no equal to Capella for ease of getting started, multicloud deployment, and price/performance – particularly as your applications’ needs grow.

Comparing NoSQL cloud solutions

NoSQL features

Couchbase’s multi-model capabilities built into a single database platform allow customers to do more with less and save both time and money. Couchbase combines the performance of a caching layer to serve up data faster, a flexible document datastore to make rapid evolution of applications easier, and the durability and reliability you need for a system of record. This eliminates the need to manage independent technologies and data models, providing consistency across applications.

NoSQL Features Couchbase Capella MongoDB Atlas DynamoDB
Performance at scale
Full querying capabilities
Offline capabilities
Key-value document database
Open interfaces
SQL-like querying
JOIN support
Full-text search
Eventing with JavaScript


Customers choose Couchbase for our tremendous speed at high scale. Our customers rely on Couchbase for tens of millions of operations per second and response times measured in single-digit microseconds. The Couchbase architecture automatically creates copies of data across multiple nodes to remove the risk of data loss or interruptions. Our mix of high performance and massive scale enables customers to use the Couchbase platform for mission-critical applications they’ve never entrusted to others.

Performance Couchbase Capella MongoDB Atlas DynamoDB
Memory-first design
Analytics-specific service
Adaptive indexes
Multi-Dimensional Scaling (MDS)
Flex Index
Index Advice function


App Services in Capella allow developers to more easily design, create, and run modern mobile and IoT applications with high performance to the edge. Development teams can save time, effort, and resources by streamlining setup configuration, synchronization, and ongoing database services management. Users get fast and always-on data with our embedded database.

Mobile Couchbase Capella MongoDB Atlas/Realm DynamoDB
Offline-embeddable database
Peer-2-peer syncing
Advanced syncing and conflict resolution
Comprehensive device support
Flexible deployment options

Cloud infrastructure

When you choose Capella, you have flexibility in how to deploy your DBaaS, configure across clouds, and with other Couchbase databases in a hybrid-cloud scenario.

Cloud Infrastructure Couchbase Capella MongoDB Atlas DynamoDB
Customer data control
Vendor managed
Multicloud support
On-prem to cloud replication
Automatic sharding
Patching and upgrades

Price/Performance ratio

Couchbase Capella’s speed and scalability mean that dollar-for-dollar and node-for-node, Capella outperforms competing products. Thanks to its memory-first architecture, asynchronous communication, built-in replication, and many other features, Couchbase delivers the same lightning-fast results for the millionth user as for the first.

Price/Performance Ratio Couchbase Capella MongoDB Atlas DynamoDB
Node-for-node performance
Customer-chosen cluster instances


Couchbase Capella is architected to provide a wide breadth of data security features – including for authentication, authorization, encryption, and auditing – to keep your data secure and aligned to your organization’s needs. And our platform integrates with your existing security tools using industry-standard APIs and protocols.

Security Couchbase Capella MongoDB Atlas DynamoDB
Data isolation
Node-to-node encryption
Role-based access control (RBAC)
Hardened IaaS environment
UI & database in separate virtual private clouds
Continuous monitoring & testing
SOC II compliance

Report : Querying With NoSQL MongoDB vs. Couchbase vs. MySQL

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