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Couchbase Announces Strategic Collaboration With AWS

Broadened Collaboration Facilitates Customer Migrations to Couchbase Capella on AWS

Couchbase Survey Shows 9 Out of 10 Developers Are at or Over Capacity; Automation and SQL-based Query Capabilities Top Their Productivity Wish Lists

New Research Finds 86% of Hiring Managers Currently Face Challenges Hiring Developers With the Right Skill Set

Couchbase Deepens Investments in European Market With New Vice President and Expanded Office Space

To support its continued growth in Europe, Couchbase appoints a new Vice President for the region and increases its footprint and headcount at the Manchester base in the UK


Couchbase unveils features to drive AI-powered adaptive applications
- The Futurum Group

Analysts Paul Nashawaty and Sam Holschuh highlight how Couchbase’s vector search capabilities mark an important step in AI-powered adaptive application development. They write, “Couchbase’s incorporation of vector search into its database platform illustrates the company’s dedication to simplifying the development of AI-powered applications. With a unified platform for real-time data analysis and vector search, Couchbase removes the need for multiple standalone solutions, decreasing architecture complexities and enhancing application efficiency.”

Couchbase joins the vector search in database fray
- The Next Platform

Journalist Jeffrey Burt features Couchbase’s new vector search capabilities, highlighting that the features enable enterprises to use vector search on-premises, in the cloud and out at the edge in mobile and IoT devices. He writes, “Making vector search in all Couchbase products allows for both similarity and hybrid search that combines text, vector, range, and geospatial search, retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) to make AI software more accurate and safer, and a single index for all search patterns to reduce latency.”

Couchbase adds vector search
- I Programmer

Editor Kay Ewbank features Couchbase’s vector search capabilities, noting the support for retrieval-augmented generation techniques through large language models via LangChain and LlamaIndex interfaces.

Couchbase adds vector search capabilities for AI and hybrid search
- TFiR

Scott Anderson, Couchbase SVP of product management and business operations, joined TFiR CEO, founder and host Swapnil Bhartiya to discuss Couchbase’s recently announced vector search that adds support for AI-powered and hybrid search, and how the market is evolving with new workloads and technologies like generative AI.

Couchbase’s revenue grows 20% and its stock rises in extended trading
- SiliconANGLE

Senior Staff Writer Mike Wheatley discusses Couchbase’s fourth-quarter fiscal 2024 results and notes the benefits of Capella DBaaS for customers: “The main advantage of Couchbase Capella, unlike traditional databases such as Oracle Database, is its ability to process both structured and unstructured data at the same time. It’s a unique capability that makes Capella a better alternative for certain kinds of apps that can benefit from both kinds of data. In addition, Couchbase Capella can act as a data cache, so customers essentially get three systems for the price of one.”