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    • Innovative Transit Solutions
      Customer and Case Studies

      Innovative Transit Solutions modernized the Las Vegas Monorail with a digital ticketing system that increased ridership and revenue.

    • GroundHog Apps
      Customer and Case Studies

      With clients in remote locations, GroundHog Apps relies on Couchbase for seamless experiences with or without a network connection.

    • GE
      Customer and Case Studies

      GE migrated its IoT data collection and analysis application to Couchbase Mobile in just 30 days to improve performance and reliability.

    • Vodafone
      Customer and Case Studies

      Vodafone created a unified platform that manages and personalizes all communications to over 17M mobile and fixed-service customers.

    • Sky
      Customer and Case Studies

      Europe’s largest media company, Sky, uses XDCR to reduce sign-in time by 50% and cut disaster recovery time from hours to minutes.

    • Tommy Hilfiger
      Customer and Case Studies

      Tommy Hilfiger’s digital showroom allows industry buyers to browse fashions with product details, pricing, delivery dates, and more.

    • Lotum
      Customer and Case Studies

      Lotum uses Couchbase Mobile to provide a consistent and aways-on experience for their 4.4 million monthly active users.

    • SyncThink
      Customer and Case Studies

      SyncThink develops innovative technology that can assess and monitor concussions on the sports field even without a network connection.

    • United
      Customer and Case Studies

      United’s Crew Modernization program streamlines operational information sharing for pilots, flight attendants, and other personnel.

    • Hammerhead
      Customer and Case Studies

      Hammerhead uses Couchbase to ensure high performance and scalability, offline availability, and seamless data syncing for a smooth, reliable cycling ...

    • Viber
      Customer and Case Studies

      Viber switched from MongoDB™ to Couchbase to meet the demands of over 1B mobile users, and reduced its server count from 300 to 120.

    • Telefonica
      Customer and Case Studies

      Telefónica uses Couchbase as the caching layer for its global video platform to support 50M seamless viewing experience per day.

    • Verizon
      Customer and Case Studies

      Verizon helps enterprise customers develop IoT solutions on a platform powered by the flexibility and reliability of Couchbase.

    • TESCO
      Customer and Case Studies

      Tesco, the world’s third-largest retailer, uses Couchbase to easily scale its catalog and inventory management for millions of products.

    • Synamedia
      Customer and Case Studies

      As the largest global provider of video solutions for pay TV, Synamedia counts on Couchbase for 500 ms response times at massive scale.