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Giving employees access to business applications, even in remote locations with poor network connectivity, is critical for energy and utilities companies. Add to that the need to consolidate data from multiple systems, including legacy infrastructure, and you have a complex set of data management issues that need to be solved. Whether it’s on an oil rig or wind farm, in a factory, or at a customer’s house, your employees and the machines they service require application infrastructure that ensures those applications are always available. Couchbase provides a single platform that can manage data collected from different sources and securely route that data from the edge to the data center, ensuring it is available all the time, both online and off.

Customer success spotlight

Utilities giant PG&E allows 20,000 employees to quickly respond to service requests and easily coordinate field teams using Couchbase.

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British multinational energy and services company Centrica gives workers in remote locations access to business applications with Couchbase.

GE field technicians rely on Couchbase to perform maintenance on machines, even in remote locations where network access is never guaranteed.

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Why Couchbase NoSQL for energy & utilities

Availability: Built-in high availability and disaster recovery

Couchbase provides five-nines availability with built-in high availability and flexible cross data center replication (XDCR) capabilities that supports disaster recovery and data locality requirements. With Couchbase, you have full control over the topology – unidirectional, bidirectional, or any configuration you need.

Mobile: Integrated mobile capabilities support remote experiences

Couchbase is the only NoSQL database with built-in mobile support. Couchbase Mobile extends Couchbase Server to the edge with an embedded NoSQL database (Couchbase Lite) and a web gateway (Sync Gateway), enabling apps to work offline regardless of network availability, and powering use cases at the edge such as offline data access, peer-to-peer messaging and sharing, and more.

Scale: Easier, more affordable scalability

Couchbase’s network-centric architecture with a high-performance replication backbone allows the database to be easily extended while maintaining performance at scale. Unlike relational databases like Oracle and MySQL, Couchbase supports ever-increasing workloads and spikes in throughput demands. Couchbase scales (in, out, up, or down) easily and without disruption to meet these demands. Unlike MongoDB™, Couchbase won’t run out of steam when you need it most.

Performance: Better performance than any other database

While other NoSQL databases like MongoDB™ require a third-party cache – adding to both cost and complexity – Couchbase has a fully integrated read-through and write-through caching layer. Couchbase’s memory- and network-centric architecture consistently delivers the sub-millisecond responsiveness that today’s users expect.

Flexibility: Lower costs and faster time to market

Couchbase drives the flexibility and increased operational efficiency you need to keep up with the constantly updated and changing digital communication data. Couchbase’s powerful query language allows developers to easily query JSON data using familiar, SQL-like expressions. Tightly integrated full-text search, real-time analytics, and powerful eventing services make it easy to add new features to your application on the fly without moving data into and managing dozens of database technologies, finally putting an end to database sprawl.

Analytics: Integrated analytics capabilities for real-time data insights

The Analytics service in Couchbase reduces the time to insight on operational data and simplifies operations for analytical data pipelines. Run ad hoc queries on data for real-time results and apply real-time analytics to monitor your applications.

Industry use cases & solutions

Inventory management

Give employees the ability to search availability and compare inventory anytime, anywhere, on any device. GE uses Couchbase to monitor remote machines and perform maintenance on asset inventory when needed.

Device management

Manage data collected from different sources and devices, push that data out to the edge, and make sure that data is always available, both online and offline. Employees at Centrica rely on their mobile apps, powered by Couchbase, to supply electricity and gas services to their customers.

User profile

Deliver fast and seamless login, authentication, and profile management including user preferences. As the number of users, complexity of user profile data, and user experience expectations accelerate, Couchbase handles the workload and scales to meet those demands. PG&E relies on Couchbase to power its user profile store, allowing field technicians to quickly respond to service requests.

Mainframe offload

By caching frequently used data, response times are improved and costs are substantially lowered through reduced workloads. If your app runs on a relational database like Oracle which requires costly hardware in order to scale, or a mainframe like Db2 which charges you by the MIP, a scale-out cache that runs on low-cost servers is more cost-effective.


Provide real-time, personalized updates and offers at every customer touchpoint, including cross-sell and upsell opportunities. Centrica delivers a Customer 360 solution with Couchbase, giving each field worker detailed account history and information to improve the customer experience at each service call.

Customer 360

Capture data at every business touchpoint to provide a real-time single view of your business.

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Catalog & inventory management

Deliver catalog and inventory data at scale to keep up with changing content.

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Field service

Give employees the ability to provide or collect data at the source, whether it’s in a remote location, factory, or warehouse.

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IoT data management

Leverage connected devices to collect data at the source and deliver asset data in real time.

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