NoSQL powers today’s massively interactive use cases and solutions

Customers from all industries turn to Couchbase for an application data platform capable of transforming their businesses, providing exceptional user experiences while lowering their cloud operational costs all at once.

They often share common motivations. Their existing applications are suffering from performance issues that are not easily resolved due to rigid relational schemas. Their teams have no patience for learning a new query language when SQL just makes sense, and their applications need to evolve more quickly to address the changing behaviors of users.

Couchbase use cases and solutions

Customer 360

Aggregate data collected from different sources in one platform to build a single view of your customer or business.

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Catalog and inventory

Publish new product and inventory content in real time and scale to millions of products and requests per second to present the right data at the right time.

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Field service

Enable field employees with one platform to manage data from different sources, push that data to the edge, and ensure that data is available online and offline.

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IoT data management

Manage, support, and drive real-time data insights at the edge with embedded and cloud databases, sync, and guaranteed data availability.

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Energy & Utilities

Arm employees with reliable business applications even in remote locations.

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Financial Services

Modernize risk management, analytics, digital banking, and compliance.

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Collect, manage, and securely route data to and from the edge.

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Maintain 100% uptime and scale in real time for millions of users.

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Bring performance, flexibility, and reliability to your modern applications.

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High Tech

Modernize your architecture for highly engaging and scalable applications.

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Manufacturing & Logistics

Give employees responsive applications that work anywhere, all the time.

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Media & Entertainment

Meet spiky user demand with highly scalable and engaging apps.

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Retail & E-commerce

Give demanding customers fast, engaging omnichannel shopping experiences.

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Deliver massive amounts of data and value-add services in real time.

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Travel & Hospitality

Use a microservices-based architecture for fast, flexible, scalable apps.

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Catalog and inventory control

Manage complex, time-sensitive catalogs and inventory.

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Migrate relational applications to NoSQL

Map relational concepts like schema, data models, transactions, SQL, UDFs, and enterprise security into Capella.

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Cloud consolidation and cost reduction

Eliminate database sprawl, improve features, and lower TCO.

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Self-managed container deployment

Cloud-native deployment for the Kubernetes ecosystem.

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Community edition upgrades to Capella

Gain performance advantages and eliminate cluster management tasks.

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