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Couchbase Ambassador Program

The Couchbase Ambassador Program is a program designed for developers in our community who are passionate and knowledgeable about Couchbase and who are keen to engage with other developers. The title of “Ambassador” is a distinction that Couchbase awards to select members of the community that are both experts in their field and love to share their Couchbase expertise with others.

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About Ambassadors

The program provides a simple set of tools and resources to help Ambassadors speak at events, organize events, and contribute content on our blog. You can also inspire developers to test and use our products, and contribute to our open source projects.

  • Who are Couchbase Ambassadors?

    It could be you. The requirements are as follows:

    • You have deep technical knowledge of Couchbase and experience using our products
    • You have a strong willingness and desire to advocate for Couchbase and engage developers
    • You can commit at least 1 hour a week to your Ambassador duties (see below)

  • What are Ambassadors expected to do?

    Once you're in the program, you're encouraged to engage our community in different ways. Ambassadors volunteer their precious time so we operate on a "do whatever you're motivated to do" basis.

    • Attend and participate in product/company briefings with Couchbase staff and be the voice of the community
    • Create content to educate and raise awareness (articles, blog posts)
    • Speak and advocate to developers (workshops, events, webinars, podcasts)
    • Share Couchbase news and products on your social networks

  • What value do I get by becoming an Ambassador?

    Apart from awesome swag, there are many ways Ambassadors benefit from joining the program:

    • Direct access to senior technical staff, Couchbase leadership, and our customers/partners
    • Attend internal product/company briefings from Couchbase
    • Provide insights from the community and influence product roadmap and strategy
    • Opportunity to gain exposure and elevate your personal brand
    • All-inclusive travel to join team off-sites/company events

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